Transforming a service that transforms lives

We were asked to turn user feedback from users into tangible design insights, for a service that offers valuable information for victims of domestic abuse

The challenge

This non-profit provides a service that offers incredibly valuable information for people who are victims of domestic abuse - to help them identify those situations, equipping them with the information and knowledge they need, and empowering victims to flourish. Users of the service had reported some usability and other issues with the website which was being re-designed. We were asked to assist in turning feedback from users into tangible design insights - and actions - for the web team.

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The approach

Being a cause that deeply aligns to our values, our team spent hours talking to users at various stages of their journeys - some who who had been through the program and used the website extensively during the process, and some who were using it for the first time. We collected countless statements and pieces of individual feedback from the interviewees and got to work collating all of the data.

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The solution

We synthesised all of the data and sentiment from hours of user interviews, and turned those into actionable design challenges corresponding to 6 overarching insights that served as a direction for focus for the implementation team. In this way, the client are able to prioritise and action the most important points themselves and make their own decisions on where to allocate resources, giving them a third metric for prioritisation alongside time and cost.

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