Designing a user friendly AI assistant

An outdated AI was proving to be a problem for our client. We were tasked with delivering an updated interface that would prove to be both relevant and helpful to staff.

The challenge

Understanding user needs.

Users expressed their need for an updated, more user-friendly AI assistant. They were reporting poor user experience with the current design and implementation. We helped the Woodside team to understand how to approach making their AI solution more relevant to roles and helpful to their staff.

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The approach

How do you make an AI good? Give it more information.

Through user interviews, we could understand the pain points of the existing design and draw out the key functionalities the user wanted from the AI solution. We turned these insights into design concepts to further test and refine before handing it over to Woodside’s development team.

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The outcome

We were able to set Woodside’s development team up to do what they do best by providing clear, user focussed (and approved) designs that delivered on the requirements.

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