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Blockchain verification of gold bullion

Our client needed an application to help users verify and understand the origins of their gold bullion quickly and transparently

The Challenge

We were engaged to create a solution that allows users to verify and understand the origins of their gold bullion quickly and easily via a digital device.
Tampering and fraud are high concerns in this industry, and blockchain and machine learning technologies had been implemented by our client to mitigate these risks.

Our challenge was to simplify the technology and make things super simple and clear to the user, who simply wished to validate their gold.

blockchain verification of gold bullion app interface
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The approach

We started with establishing the goals and scope of the project by conducting a design workshop with the stakeholders and users, gathering insights into the issues with the current process and planning how we might address them in the design phase.

From there, we created a quick design concept as the basis for our discovery, including scope and constraints, in order to form up an MVP.

Once we agreed on the MVP feature-set, we iterated on design concepts with the client before building the front-end of the mobile app.

results from user and stakeholders after design workshop
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The Outcome

We delivered tested code to the client within 4 weeks of the design phase kicking-off. This made a huge difference in allowing our client to get to market rapidly with a functioning product.The ability for us to drop in and quickly deliver exactly what was needed, efficiently, made a huge difference to their internal teams capacity constraints and ultimately, a huge difference to the users the app is designed for.

user interface for verifying gold bullion
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“You have a great ability to listen and translate people’s ideas into something concrete. Visualising how something will look really helped us to challenge the ideas”

Jo Smith
Digital Product Owner

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