User Research

Distill actionable insights to cultivate future growth.

Effective design research enables you to stay relevant, understand the changing needs of your audience, and build solutions that are both functional and sustainable in the long term.

We work alongside your team to uncover valuable insights, answer complex questions and build clear roadmaps for future growth. Our flexible approach is based on an extensive knowledge of human-centred design techniques, to ensure outcomes are successfully tailored for the people you serve and the industry you operate in. Through a mixture of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we’ll focus on distilling actionable insights ready for a product team to act upon.

We can tailor surveys specifically to your audience demographic, to quickly uncover influential traits that may not be visible otherwise.

We’ll help you reach the right audience. Through interviews, focus groups and workshops we can help you gain a true understanding of your users, making sure you can serve them effectively.

Streamline the way your users reach their end goal. We’ll map out the entire user process with you, enabling you to iron out any sticking points in the user journey, improve the overall experience and target areas for innovation.

We conduct extensive user testing to uncover potential flaws that you may not have envisioned, or new areas for improvement that will provide a better overall user experience.

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Client Feedback

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“You have a great ability to listen and translate people’s ideas into something concrete. Visualising how something will look really helped us to challenge the ideas”

Jo Smith
Digital Product Owner

“This work is incredibly important, and I'm here to stand with you ... I speak for all of us when I say thank you"

Anonymous Client